Meet the MAPS Project Team

The MAPS team is an international, inter-disciplinary group working closely together to develop the MAPS tool and associated resources. We are based in seven separate organisations, summarised here along with particular organisational specialisations, project colleague names and links for further information.

The project overall leadership, agri-environmental data, ethical, geostatistical and learning environment specialisations are hosted at the University of Nottingham – UoN (UK), led by Dr Louise Ander with Prof. Martin Broadley, Prof. Murray Lark and Prof. Kate Millar and Tineka Blake, Tom Codd, Dr Jaswant Khokhar, Liberty Mlambo, Dr Hakunawadi Pswarayi, Kerina Tull and DTP-funded PhD student Tahsin Khan. Project administrative support is provided by Gigi Walker and Joanna Smuga-Lumatz.

The other organisations, in alphabetical order, staff and summary of specialisations are:

Addis Ababa University – AAU (Ethiopia), with particular focus on human nutrition and the geography of food systems relating to micronutrients led by Dr Dawd Gashu with Binyam Girma.

British Geological Survey – BGS (UK) with particular focus on web-development, data architecture and user-centred design, led by Dr Andy Bean with Andy Marchant and Roman Roth.

International Food Policy Research Institute – IFPRI (USA and South Africa) with particular focus on projection of future food systems under various scenarios, led by Timothy Sulser, with Sherwin Gabriel.

Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources – LUANAR (Malawi) with particular focus on nutrition and micronutrient supply, including from agricultural practice led by Dr Alexander Kalimbira and Dr Patson Nalivata with Gareth Osman abd PhD student Annie Matumba.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine - LSHTM (UK) with particular focus on use of geographically resolved estimates of diets and population nutritional status, led by Dr Edward Joy with Dr Elaine Ferguson, and Dr Rupinder Sahota, Fanny Sandalinas, Lucia Segovia de la Revilla and Kevin Tang.

University of California, Davis – UCD (USA) with particular focus on analysis of costs and effectiveness of micronutrient interventions to reduce micronutrient deficiencies, led by Dr Katie Adams with Aakash Deep.