Project Timeline

What will be delivered overall?

A web-delivered tool to estimate micronutrient deficiencies and explore pathways to improve nutrition. This will have associated user-support and educational resources. The tool will be fully open access, with pre-loaded and bring-your-own data options. Is any of this functionality of interest to you? Please connect with us if so by emailing and we will keep you updated.

What is happening right now?

We are busy confirming our data and modelling protocols for the MAPS Tool. We are also conducting short user interviews to ensure that we prioritise functionality development that will make the tool easy to use and well-designed for the questions users have. Want to get involved? Please contact us at or see co-design for more details.

What is coming next?

From late 2020 we will start user-testing of the system, progressing through from wireframes to early ‘live’ version releases later in 2021. Want to get involved in this system testing? Please contact us at